Roco 71814 HO Gauge SBB Ae8/14 11851 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)



COSMETIC CONDITION: New. Railway company: |Operating number Ae 8/14 11851 |Epoch: IV |Gauge: H0 |Elect. system: DC Electric double locomotive Ae 8/14 11851 of the Swiss Federal Railways. Redesign! ¦ Redesign of the striking loner with locomotive fronts of the Ae 6/6 ¦ Fine, specially attached windshield wipers ¦ Chrome-plated coat of arms on the front fronts ¦ Filigree pantographs ¦ Both locomotive halves are driven by one motor each (digital operation with 2 decoders controlled via one address) ¦ Digitally switchable driver's cab lighting In order to carry the increasingly heavy trains over the Gotthard, the board of directors of the Swiss Federal Railways decided to build huge double locomotives. In 1931 the SBB put the Ae 8/14 11801 into service. In addition to the technical concept, the outer design of the two halves of the locomotive body on the Ae 8/14 is strongly based on the Ae 4/7. The monster is able to tow 2000 t in the lowlands; The machine pulls 1760 tonnes on 16 ‰ gradients, and a tensile load of 770 t on an incline of 26 ‰. The giant is almost 34 m long, the total weight is 247 t. In 1932 the SBB received another Ae 8/14, which was classified as No. 11851. In contrast to the 11801, it was not developed by SLM and BBC, but by SLM and MFO. With the same overall dimensions and the same total weight, the installed output could even be increased to 6070 kW (8250 PS). Instead of the Buchli drive, the 11851 received the SLM universal drive with sixteen drive motors. Although it was powerful, it was also extremely loud, prone to failure and uneconomical. On the occasion of a renovation in 1961, the locomotive received new welded driver's cabs for seated operation, identical in construction to those of the new Ae 6/6 locomotives. The 11851 was still in operation in this partially modernized condition until 1976, and was exploited in Bellinzona in 1977 and scrapped in Biasca. Our current H0 model shows the locomotive in this partially modernized state of the past 15 years of operation, equipped with many new functions in the digital version. General data Number of axles with traction tyres 2 Number of driven axles 8 Coupling NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism Minimum radius 358 mm Flywheel yes Electrical Digital decoder PluX22 Sound yes Interface Electrical interface for traction units PluX22 Head light Light changeover true to the Swiss original. Additional light function yes Motor 5-pole motor Buffer capacitor yes LED lighting yes LED head light yes Measurements Length over buffer 391 mm  



Roco 71814 HO Gauge SBB Ae8/14 11851 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

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