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About us

Hampshire Models was founded in mid 2014. It is a family owned business based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

The owners of the business are Terry and Sairah. Terry has had a strong interest in railway modelling for approximately 40 years, and set the business up in 2014. Sairah looks after the administration.

Bob brings approximately 60 years of modelling experience and 30 years experience of running his own model shop, he is semi-retired now and looks after our servicing and repair requirements.

Toni joined the team late in 2015 on a part time basis to assist with shipping.

The business began trading in June 2014 initially only on a well known auction website, but in January 2017, this website was opened. Hampshire Models is an online only business as we feel that the costs associated with operating a physical shop would not be supportable.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, the contact details can be found at the top of the website homepage.