Cambrian C106 OO Gauge BR Sturgeon Bogie Rail Wagon Kit



COSMETIC CONDITION: New. Assembly required. Couplings, wheels, bearings, paint, glue and transfers required to complete this kit.

The Sturgeon wagon was based on the LNER "Dolphin" wagons, although these had fixed ends, and diamond-framed bogies. This kit is for the wagons which ran without their sides, and generally carried track panels. Some ran with ends, or just the side uprights, and others without any of these. Although there were stowage racks under the wagon for these pieces, it is quite likely that some were simply taken off and left in a PW yard.

(Parts for the actual racks are not included in the kit)
The kit can be made with some or all of the end pieces in place. It is also possible to fit the end components together as a separate unit, meaning that you have the option of putting them on or leaving them off – they don't have to be glued on. The two top end sections slot into the side uprights, so don't have to be fixed on (although they could get lost – just like the real ones).
The folding end plate can also be fitted on in the folded down position – although this does have to be glued on. Includes "One-piece" bogies with optional "NEM" pocket.

The kit also includes optional "winches" for lashing straps (shown fitted in the main picture), and stanchions for the wagons which were converted to carry new sleepers – these were the earlier D1/638 wagons which had 8 doors per side. The solebar door hinge detail on this kit would need altering, as the D1/638 wagons had four "lift-off" (easier said than done!) doors, with far less fittings on the solebars.
NOTE: these wagon cannot be used on curves less than "2nd radius" (about 450mm), as the wheels would jam against the solebar. The coupling mount is for Hornby R8219 couplings, although other "split-tail" couplings that fit a NEM coupling pocket could be used.
The kit is designed for Alan Gibson 10·5mm "Lowmac" wheels – use of wheels with larger flanges than these have, will lead to clearance problems on curves. They will either stick against the back of the solebars, or the bogie mounting.

TRANSFERS: These are now available on a separate sheet from Cambridge Custom Transfers, sheet BL146+ a for ScR, b for ER, c for LMR, d for NER, and e for SR & WR.

BOXED: Packeted, excellent.


Cambrian C106 OO Gauge BR Sturgeon Bogie Rail Wagon Kit

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